About Better Movement 

Better Movement includes almost two hundred free articles that discuss the science of movement and pain. They contain information that is evidence-based, practical, and often directly contrary to mainstream advice.  

You will find this information very useful if you are a therapist, trainer, chronic pain sufferer, athlete, or someone who just wants to move better and feel better. 

Some frequents topics include:

  • pain science

  • the biomechanics of efficient movement

  • the neuroscience of motor control

  • the cortical body maps

  • complex systems

  • movement variability

  • play

  • developmental movement patterns

  • central governors

  • corrective exercise

  • the science of mind-body practices

  • common myths related to manual or movement therapies

To get started learning more about some of the main topics, pick a subject to access some of the key articles.





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