About Better Movement 

Better Movement includes almost two hundred high-quality and free articles that discuss the science of movement and pain. The articles are well-written, well-referenced, and generally contain information that is both practical and non-intuitive. 

You will find this information very useful if you are a manual or movement therapist, trainer, chronic pain sufferer, athlete, or someone who just wants to move better and feel better. 

The main theme of this blog is probably that the brain and nervous system has more control over pain, strength, flexibility, and endurance than most people think. Another theme is that mainstream ideas about pain, posture and corrective exercise are riddled with misinformation.  

Most of the positive feedback I receive about my writing is that it makes complex material easy to understand and apply. 

Some frequents topics include:

  • pain science
  • the biomechanics of efficient movement
  • the neuroscience of motor control
  • the cortical body maps
  • complex systems
  • movement variability
  • play
  • developmental movement patterns
  • central governors
  • corrective exercise
  • the science of mind-body practices 
  • common myths related to manual or movement therapies 

To get started learning more about some of the main topics, pick a subject to access some of the key articles.





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