Free Audio Lesson: Squat Fundamentals Volume 2

A few weeks ago I posted a twenty five minute audio lesson on improving the squat. Below is a link to volume two. If you haven’t done volume one already, I would highly recommend that you do that before moving to volume two. On the other hand, I think I saw Godfather Two before the first one, and the results were excellent. This lesson builds on the first by incorporating some interesting transitions from squatting to sitting and lying down. So this lesson is really about much more than squatting of course. However, just as with other static postures, we can improve the squat by learning as many ways as possible to transition in and out of it. Put another way, squatting won't really be a part of your movement vocabulary until you can use it in a lot of sentences.

Click the link below to do the lesson:


Enjoy and please feel free to post questions or comments!

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