Highlights of 2013


Thanks for reading the blog this year everyone! Here is a brief look back at some highlights. 1. Writing a book

Almost done! Hopefully this will be in final form by March 2014. This has been a very interesting and educational experience. I am very proud about the results at this point and very excited to see it in print. Here is a post describing the contents.

2. Barefoot Running, Squatting Like a Baby and Pygmy Feet

This was a fun post that brought together lots of "natural experiments." YouTube is an incredible source of data on movement that can support or contradict many popular theories.

3. Assessment of Pelvic Tilt

Why did this post receive so many views? I think people appreciate hearing reasons not to worry about which way their pelvis is tilting.

4. How Does Foam Rolling Work?

Another very popular post that was recently linked by Bret Contreras. I am starting to see more articles on foam rolling that include some disclaimer about it not necessarily being about the fascia. Its encouraging to see more curiosity about the mechanisms behind this popular intervention. 

5. Some Pitfalls of Movement Correction

About the downsides of pathologizing movement patterns and creating nocebos.

6. The Complexity of Biomechanics

Some reminders that we need to stay humble about the extent of our knowledge.

7. Pain Science Confusion

Does nociception matter? Is pain all in your head? Yes and no of course!

Have a Happy New Year everyone. Good luck with your movement in 2014.