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Does Your Workout Suck?

I spoke with a client yesterday about his resistance training program. It seemed like he had a solid plan and was making good progress. But I did disagree with one aspect of his approach, which was his workout motto: Working Out Sucks™. His motto is a reminder that he won’t achieve his goals without working hard enough to be fairly miserable for at least part of the workout.

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I'm Writing a Book

I've been a little bit slow to post these days, and that is because I'm in the process of writing a book. Exciting! The book will synthesize and expand on many of the topics that I have written about on this blog. Namely, the art and science of how to move better and feel better, from a "neurocentric" perspective.

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The Effect of Fatigue on Coordination

I just read the abstract of a study cited by Chris Highcock at Conditioning Research. (By the way if you are interested in either strength training or hiking, check out Chris' excellent new e-book called Hillfit.) It is one of many studies that show that muscular fatigue impairs coordination. Because coordination is essentially a mental skill, this is an interesting flip side to another study I recently blogged about which shows that working on math problems makes you physically weaker.

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